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Colour: black/red

1. Non-Slip Rubberized Grips

2. Steel Ball Bearings For Smooth Rotation

3. Non-Slip Base

Securely attach handle into Base until locked into place.

NOTE: Once assembled Iron Gym Push Up ProTM is NOT intended to be disassembled.


1. Prior to use, make sure the "Rubberized Comfort Grips" are securely attached to the "Bases".

2. Hold the Ā´Ā´Rotating Push Up GripsĀ´Ā´ shoulder width apart with your arms extended out in front of you,

but donĀ´t lock them.

3. With the Ā´Ā´Rotating Push Up GripsĀ´Ā´ positioned perpendicular to your body, slowly lower yourself while

rotating the grips outward (up to 90* rotation) until you reach the bottom of the push up.

4. Slowly push away while reversing the rotation of the grips back inwards until you reach peak of the

push up and you are in the starting position.

- Continue your workout until you feel you are no longer using good form.

- Do not overexert yourself. Start slowly and work your way up to a more vigorous workout. Once you can do 25-30 of these push ups without stopping, move to the next level.

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Artikuls IGPU-PRO
Svars 1.00
Zīmols Iron Gym
Kategorija Atspiešanās stienis
Materiāls NN25.06.2020

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