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Liveup Slim Belt


Liveup Slimming belt

LiveUp Slim Belt is a popular additional tool used to combat excess pounds. With it, you can significantly reduce the volume in the most problematic areas - stomach, waist, hips. Using a belt in combination with proper nutrition and physical activity, you can quickly achieve the expected result.


  • The body shaping belt is made of quality neoprene without latex additives.
  • The model is Velcro fastened.
  • The belt is comfortable to wear, absolutely does not interfere with exercise.
  • In addition, the belt provides safe sports, protecting against sprains and injuries, relieves stress from the back.

Material: neoprene 

Size: 100x20 cm

Vairāk informācijas
Artikuls LS3032B
Svars 1.00
Zīmols Liveup
Kategorija Balsti

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