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Venum Chaiya Muay taiboksa šorti

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We have designed our Muay ThaĆÆ shorts with the traditionnal ThaĆÆ saying that summarizes the main styles of Muay Boran* in mind: The powerful fist of Korat, the spirit of Lopburi, the posture of Chaiya and the speed of Thasao. Feel the tradition and the spirit of Muay ThaĆÆ with our authentic shorts handmade in ThaĆÆland The wide elastic ensures you the ultimate comfort and a secure fit during the fight while the specific lateral splits improve your mobility for heavy and dynamic strikes With the authentic Muay ThaĆÆ embroideries - fully hand-sewn on those shorts - you will honnor the legendary reputation of the Kingdom of Thailand. *Muay Boran is the authentic name of the Ancient Thai Martial Arts. Technical features: - 100% ultra lightweight satin polyester: dry-cleaning or hand cleaning only - Authentic Muay Thai embroidery. - Traditional elastic shirred waistband for ultimate comfort and secure fit. - Designed lateral splits improving your mobility for dynamic strikes. - Wide leg

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Artikuls VENUM-0962-M-conf
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Zīmols Venum
Kategorija Šorti un bikses

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