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The Venum "Challenger" spats are built to give the extra boost to make you perform.

Its ultra-light polyamide fabric absorbs and retains body heat. The Venum "Challenger" spats allow you to warm up faster and stay longer on the ring, staying focus on your objectives.

Its compression technology keep your muscles energetic and accelerate your recovery time.

Smooth fabric and flat seams: extreme comfort during your workout
Ultra-light polyamide material: breathable and fast drying properties
Compression fiber technology: keeps your body dry and muscles warm
Antibacterial treatment against odor causing bacteria: allows you to wear your gear all day
Mesh fabric located at the ankles: strategic ventilation
High quality stitching: unmatched durability

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Artikuls EU-VENUM-1094-S-conf
Svars 0.20
Zīmols Venum
Kategorija Kompresija

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