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Fairtex BGV1 Boksa Cimdi

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Sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz
Color: black
Material: genuine leather signature
Usage: sparring boxing glove - for trainings with partner
Disciplines: Muay Thai, Kickboxing
-ergonomically designed
-tight, secure and snug fit
-premium quality leather
-three-layered foam system for excellent hand and knuckle protection and shock disbursement
Make sure to use hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves. They will help you to minimize trauma and injury risks during practice. Using correctly placed hand wraps will ensure to protect your wrist, knuckles and joints during strong punches. They fill in the excess space inside the glove for perfect and comfortable fit. You can easily wash the wraps after hard workout. By doing that, you will maintain your gloves and provide hygiene for the hands and gear.
Note! These are sparring gloves. Using sparring gloves with a boxing bag will harm the gloves technical features. Product defects that are caused by using sparring gloves for punching a bag, will not be compensated, exchanged or fixed.

Vairāk informācijas
Artikuls FTBGV1-9010-conf
Svars 1.00
Zīmols Fairtex

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