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Fairtex Japanese Art Boksa Cimdi


Size: 10 oz

Color: black/white

Material: high quality microfibre which is equally as durable as leather

Usage: sparring gloves

Diciplines: Muay Thai, kickboxing


-long cuff design

-padded palm

-easy to form a fist in order to save your energy during training

-extra padding on the palm area for maximum comfort and safety

-consistent, lightweight gloves

-shock absorbing triple-layer padding

-handmade in Thailand

Special feature: JAPANESE ART ā€“ THE WAVE OF KANAGAWA 1829. The Great Wave off Kanagawa rose to such fame that it became a definitive representation of Japanese art and culture to most of the world.

Make sure to use hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves. They will help you to minimize trauma and injury risks during practice. Using correctly placed hand wraps will ensure to protect your wrist, knuckles and joints during strong punches. They fill in the excess space inside the glove for perfect and comfortable fit. You can easily wash the wraps after hard workout. By doing that, you will maintain your gloves and provide hygiene for the hands and gear.

Vairāk informācijas
Artikuls FTBGV14WR-4010-conf
Svars 1.00
Zīmols Fairtex
Līmenis Amatieris

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