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Venum Lyoto Machida Tatsu King MMA šorti

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The greatest fighters are able to switch identities instantly. Yin/Yang, Attack/Defense, Ice/Fire - to master those opposites is a key to success.

Lyoto Machida, with the tradition coming from Japan and the fire from Brazil, is perhaps the best illustration of this mechanism.
The new VENUM Tatsu King fight shorts were designed in collaboration with "The Dragon" for what is sure to be an epic bout in Las Vegas.

Lyoto Machida vs Chris Weidman | UFC 175 | Here is your new Middleweight Champion.

  • Ultra lightweight microfiber fabric
  • Lateral splits reinforced for a longer durability and a hard-wearing even against the most savage grips
  • Logos fully sublimated for a better durability
  • UFC 175 "Middleweight Title" Official Edition
  • Lyoto Machida Signature Series
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