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Universal ear pads made of EVA and PP (ear-pad), thus highly elastic and highly resistant to tearing!  

The ear protectors can be adjusted individually to the head size with the help of velcro fasteners on the back of the head, the forehead and the chin strap.

The universal size is suitable for teenagers and adults.

Information: EVA - ethylene vinyl acetate is a high quality, tear-resistant and slip-resistant foam that does not absorb water. As an exceptionally flexible type of plastic EVA has increased elasticity, weather resistance and voltage. Furthermore, the material is characterized by a high ease with simultaneously high damping properties.

PP - Polypropylene is a synthetic material with the lowest density and therefore has a higher stiffness, hardness and strength.

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Artikuls 100-OS
Svars 0.11
Zīmols Wacoku
Kategorija Galvas aizsargs

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