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Dojo Pull-Up Bar sienas stiprinājums boksa maisam

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This multifunctional wall attachment is ideal for home use, extremely sturdy and you can hang your punching bag as well as pull yourself up. Ideal for combining these two training forms during a workout.

The steel attachment is designed to handle all the forces during kicks and punches on the punching bag without any problems. The wall attachment is extremely robust and can be used at home or in the gym & is supplied with mounting material.

The maximum load-bearing weight of the attachment is 100 kg. It has a length of 55 cm & the suspension point for the punching bag is 55 cm away from the wall. This is sufficient to perform all occurring punching bag exercises. The width of the suspension point is 40 cm.

At what height should I attach the Dojo punching bag support to the wall?

This depends on your own lenght and the length of the heavy bag. You can calculate this as follows:

- The top of the heavy bag should hang 10 cm above your own height.

- Then comes the fastening chain of 30 cm and then comes the wall support. So own length + 10 cm + 30 cm. This is the ideal height, you can always vary in this.


- First determine the correct height of the punching bag before attaching the suspension bracket to the wall.

- The wall support is best fixed on a wall of stone or concrete. The wall support is not suitable for thin or plaster walls!

Vairāk informācijas
Artikuls VSB051
Svars 6.00
Zīmols Dojo
Kolekcija AW2019
Kategorija Boksa maisa stiprinājumi

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